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Our site uses cookies. Cookies are small files that consist of letters and numbers that are stored in your browser when you come to our site. By using cookies website  remembers certain information about your visit, listed below.

The types of cookies that are used

Usage Cookie Description Lasting
Simetrija euck_accept The cookie which store your consent to the use of cookies on our site. 1 year
Simetrija PHPSESSID The cookie allows website to save sessions between individual requirements within the system Content Management (CMS) session
Google Analytics __utma
Google Analytics used for tracking visits.
More information about cookies Google Analytics and privacy.
up to 2 years
Google Maps 3rd party cookies Google Maps used to display map.
More information about cookies which are used by Google.
up to 2 years

Data gathered through cookies will not be disclosed to third parties.

You can view and manage cookies in your browser. Instructions are located in the section "help" ("help") of your web browser.


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