Simetrija and V-Tex in Hollywood

At the Celebrity Connected Event, one of the pre-Oscars events, we introduced our V-Tex revolutionary cooling device.
V-Tex is a complete innovation in the field of cooling beverages – it can cool down a can of beverage from room temperature to 4°C in less than a minute. The event was packed with celebrities and thus was an excellent opportunity for promotion of the device. The guests were very excited and immediately recognised the advantages and the potential of the new technology. When the celebrities tried out the V-Tex, they were impressed by the functionality and look of the device. Among those who tried out the V-Tex were TANK, R&B, Andy Allo in John Polito.
Quick beverage cooling is a new contribution to the tempo of modern lifestyle. It is a great innovation that can enrich social gatherings as well as commercial and promotional activities. It ensures beverages are cooled down to a perfect temperature, contributes to a better quality of life and helps save energy.
Simetrija is a member of the V-Tex Technology Team together with Vending marketing and Enviro Cool (UK).



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