3D foot scanner

UCS d.o.o.

Design of 3D foot scanner, 2016

UCS d.o.o. develops sizing solutions that help producers, retailers, and consumers alike. Its sizing solutions offer exact shoe measurements, and this optimizes the production, retail, and shopping processes. UCS tools and technologies are used by the leading brands, the retail industry, R&D institutions, and government institutions worldwide.

For sporty active and for all others who online buying of shoes dont leave to coincidence, and none the less for all those who appritiate comfort of well fitting shoes, we have designed a feet scanner. A device that with its roboust construction, simple execution and intriguing shape upgrade ambitions of our client and despite small production numbers position product to its most advanced rivals. Dearing shape places product in to more sporty segment but can still be accepted among the brown shoe seegment. Chosen white colour is used for hygiene standards and intuitive lightining informs user about the procedure and status of scaning. Simetrija with its experts has been in charge for design, constructon developement and production implementation.

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