Gonzaga d.o.o.

Stonehenge office furniture, 2013

The activities of the Gonzaga company have been focused on production of furniture and equipment for public institutions and companies. During our longtime partnership, we have developed and presented to the public numerous innovative ideas.

Close together and yet retaining a pleasant privacy, connected to the world and embraced by soft colours and fabrics. This would be the user description of the Stonehenge office furniture. Designed for a modern, paperless office for users who are constantly connected to the outside world or to a mobile workplace and do not need a permanent working space.



is a multidisciplinary design and development studio. We develop products and design solutions that transform the wishes of our clients into an innovative and meaningful concrete form. We base the visibility of products and brands on the content as well as the image, a combination which engages the user in a creative way. With a team of experts from different fields, we ensure a comprehensive approach to every project.