Enerkon webpage

Enerkon d.o.o.

Webpage, 2015

A new visual webpage image is part of the upgrade of the comprehensive graphic image of Enerkon, a company specialised in thermal energy and water measurements in heating and water supply systems. When developing the new webpage concept, the focus was on improving the experience of the modern user who is largely shifting towards the use of mobile devices.

The challenge was to create an intuitive, in-depth online catalogue that allows easy and effective searching and browsing through the products. At the same time, it was ensured that the company could easily manage the catalogue, united with the existing work processes and work environment and capabilities. The idea of “merging user profiles” has proven to be very successful. The webpage is designed for professional and end customers – both types of users can quickly and easily obtain the desired information.

You can visit the site on: www.enerkon.si



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