Haier Finance

DeHan Ltd / Haier Group

Corporate visual solution, 2015

DeHan Ltd is an international company for the design and execution of exhibition spaces with its registered office in Shanghai and branch offices in Las Vegas, the USA and Dubai. We went into partnership with DeHan in the area of industrial and graphic design. In cooperation with the company, we created a proposal for the corporate image of a new financial service of the global company Haier called Haier finance.

Haier is the biggest global manufacturing company in the area of household appliances owned by the Chinese government. The company decided to expand its offer by entering into the financial services market in China. Haier has built a strong brand with a high level of trust in recent years. They decided to transfer their reputation to a new activity and, in this way, offer their buyers a service that will make their decisions when buying household appliances easier.

On the basis of a published competition, we designed a corporate image with a logo, colour code and key applications for the financial institution of the parent company Haier. The creative solution is based on the thousands of years old tradition of money in China, the famous coin with a hole in the middle and the letter H, the initial of the company. At the same time, we used other elements that connect the new financial company with the identity of the parent company. One of those elements is the diamond, which represents preciousness, purity and wealth. These characteristics play an important role in Chinese culture. The final solution includes a presentation of the logo, slogan and the relationship between them, as well as the correlation with the umbrella logo. We also designed basic applications on business stationery and advertising elements.



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