Poli Lunch Box

Futura d.o.o. / Perutnina Ptuj d.d.

Food storage box, 2015

Futura DDB is one of the biggest and most successful design agencies in Slovenian territory. As longtime business partners, we cooperate in the field of project development and industrial design.

Poly Lunch Box was created to fulfill the user’s need for carrying Poli sandwiches easily.

An oblong shape is adapted to the form of classic sandwiches and, of course, a Poli sausage. They both associate about it’s purpose. Eroded area of the entire part prevents slipping from the hand, while glossy upper part gives the impression of importance and highlight favorite brand. The material used is durable plastic, suitable for contact with food and is dishwasher safe.
All edges are rounded and the inside has a smooth surface, which makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
The locking mechanism has an ergonomic shape. On the bottom of Lunch Box are bumps that prevent scratching of the lower part.

Easy handling, details and ergonomics are only few of the superlatives that Poli Lunch Box owns.

Poli official website / Poli Lunch Box promotional video



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