Vending marketing d.o.o. / Enviro-Cool (UK) Ltd.

V-Tex quick beverage cooling device, 2013

Enviro-Cool is an English company investing in the development of new, power-efficient technologies for cooling. Vending marketing is a manufacturer of self-service machines developed and manufactured according to client specifications. Together with these two companies, we form a consortium for development of quick beverage cooling technologies.

V-Tex is a cooling device that cools down beverages in a very short time. The technology that makes that possible represents a new milestone in the development of this field. Users can cool their favourite beverage down to the preferred temperature in a quick and economical way.

As a strategic partner, Simetrija, together with Vending Marketing company, was responsible for the entire process of product development. In addition to designing the product, we prepared all the necessary documentation for the production of prototypes and transformed the conceptual draft of the patented technology into a product with a recognisable market value. V-Tex is designed for home use as well as for use in offices, restaurants and at events. It is a high-tech device, which is confirmed by its functionality as well as its shape and the choice of materials.

Official V-Tex video.



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