Futura d.o.o. / AMZS d.d.

Furnishing of AMZS office spaces, 2010

Futura DDB is one of the biggest and most successful design agencies in Slovenian territory. As longtime business partners, we cooperate in the field of product development and industrial design.

With the new corporate identity of the AMZS company came also the wish for unified space design. In cooperation with Futura, we developed bold and dynamic furniture marked by a flash of yellow amidst the tranquillity of other elements. Thanks to the shape of modules, the units have a unified look regardless of the size and shape of the space. Office spaces with a unified visual identity trigger recognition in the user, promise the same quality of services and built the visibility of brand. We completed the comprehensive approach to interior design with a system for labelling the spaces.



is a multidisciplinary design and development studio. We develop products and design solutions that transform the wishes of our clients into an innovative and meaningful concrete form. We base the visibility of products and brands on the content as well as the image, a combination which engages the user in a creative way. With a team of experts from different fields, we ensure a comprehensive approach to every project.