Furnishings for the Maxi ambient business premises, 2016

The Maxi shopping centre has been at the centre of attention ever since it opened in 1971. As the first Slovenian supermarket with a comprehensive sales program, we have been cultivating the development of shopping culture since from the start, successfully satisfying the refined tastes of the more demanding shoppers.

The passage of the supermarket houses the Maxi ambient store, which offers a wide variety of technical and home decor products. We have developed a store concept that links premium products to the demands of the location. The visual design of the store provides a satisfying environment for people with sophisticated tastes. This high-end impression is achieved using colours, materials and the aisle layout. The colour black evokes quality, while white symbolises technology; the impression is softened by the wooden décor, which creates a warm ambience. Metal supports are clad in particle boards. Retro-style ceiling lamps and LED lighting contribute to the high-class impression, providing an air of exclusivity and orderliness. By using this combination, we avoid a pretentious vibe that customers might find off-putting. Certain products that need to be emphasised are carefully displayed in a way that makes them prominent but not overwhelming. We also have classic-type shelving available to hold the basic offerings.



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