DeHan Ltd / Changan

Design of an exhibition stand, 2015

DeHan Ltd is an international company for the design and execution of exhibition spaces with its registered office in Shanghai and branch offices in Las Vegas, the USA and Dubai. We went into partnership with DeHan in the area of industrial and graphic design. In cooperation with the company, we designed the exhibition installation for the car company Changan.

Changan is one of 4 biggest car manufacturers in China and it sells around 2.9 million cars a year. The vision of the future of the company is the development of electric vehicles and vehicles without a driver. Besides the manufacturing of classic drives, the company also offers hybrid and electric drives and driverless vehicles.  

As part of the competition, we designed an exhibition space measuring 2,500 m2, where it is possible to present 30 show cars. The investment value of the exhibition space is EUR 7 million. The starting points for the design were the use of architectural elements of Bauhus with a strong emphasis on multimedia. The elements of the exhibition space are modular so they can be used in smaller configurations of 1,500 m2 and 450 m2. The central part of the exhibition space is a modular LED display 70m long and 6m high that curves into two horizontal surfaces to the left and right of the vertical central part of the display: “display – ceiling” and ” display – stage” upstairs. The other display used is a 25m long kinetically controlled display that demonstrates the modern technology of the displayed cars. We won second place with the presented design concept.



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