DeHan Ltd / Midea

Design of an exhibition stand, 2015

DeHan Ltd is an international company for the design and execution of exhibition spaces with its registered office in Shanghai and branch offices in Las Vegas, the USA and Dubai. We went into partnership with DeHan in the area of industrial and graphic design. In cooperation with the company, we designed the exhibition installation for the company Midea.

Midea is one of the most successful Chinese companies in the field of household appliances and it is a majority private-owned company. The annual revenue in 2014 exceeded USD 23 billion. The key to their success lies in two factors of differentiation – innovation and design, to which the employees of the company dedicate their complete attention.

As part of the competition, we designed an exhibition space measuring 2,000 m2 and including the whole spectrum of home products. The central role in the design concept is intended for understanding the needs of the modern man. With a thoughtful distribution of home products, we take him through the day, we pamper him, entertain him and put him to sleep. The exhibition space includes four areas where different user scenarios are presented with details of the user functions of the products. For a better presentation of the user experience, the exhibition space extends into a bar and a kitchen where food and drinks prepared using home products are available for visitors. We won second place with the presented design concept.



is a multidisciplinary design and development studio. We develop products and design solutions that transform the wishes of our clients into an innovative and meaningful concrete form. We base the visibility of products and brands on the content as well as the image, a combination which engages the user in a creative way. With a team of experts from different fields, we ensure a comprehensive approach to every project.